Following the story of Nymous the raccoon, which made its way around the world, Rachel and Jacques started the “Refuge Nymous” project. Our first lovely beneficiary.

$25 000 renovations
$12 000 artesian well 
$10 000 cash



Following the story of Nymous the raccoon, which made its way around the world, Rachel and Jacques started the “Refuge Nymous” project. They created a non-profit organization and acquired the proper licenses that enable them to legally treat, help, or adopt orphaned babies of our local wildlife for rehabilitation purposes in the nature. Their licenses also allow them to put in place an observation centre for public education. They currently care for over 40 animals, including raccoons, foxes, fawns, groundhogs, an opossum, a wolf, a coyote and a bear.





Rachel Garenne

Founder and President of the
Center Monsieur Nymous

Rachel works in the field of animal and human care through holistic medicine. She has training in animal communication and CPR and cumulates more than ten years of experience as a nursing assistant in various hospital units.Her self-taught training has allowed this great lover and passionate of our fauna and flora to acquire a lot of knowledge of those subjects. She also has a passion for creating Native American craft objects.

”Following the story of my raccoon Nymous that made its way around the world, I made the promise that if we were able to recuperate Nymous from the hands of the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, I would do everything in my power to never let injured, lost or abandoned raccoons and other animals suffer. It’s from this promise that Centre Refuge Nymous was born.”


Kim Bruneau

spokesperson and founder of beauties and the beast foundation 

Kim Bruneau has a passion for new constructions and real estate developments. She has worked on multiple projects all around the Montreal area and launched her own company specializing in new construction sales and marketing, called L’Espace Projets.

She also manages a few rental properties of her own and co-owns an innovative thc/cbd infused coffee and tea company. On the side, Kim models and paints.

Being a health advocate and animal lover, she is involved in many different charities and often participates in fund raising events, giving her time and using her visibility on social media to create awareness about these different causes.


Jacques Lessard

Founder and vice president
of the center monsieur nymous

IT specialist in computer security and GNU/Linux community free systems, painter, musician, poet, lecturer, but above all an unconditional lover of animals and nature, Jacques is a tireless student and observer who researches everything and wants to learn every day. An ardent defender of the widow and the orphan since youth, Jacques dedicates himself without limits to the animal cause and wants to devote the rest of his life to it. Helping the relationship between man and animal and the communication between them is the goal he constantly covets. The acknowledgment and reconnection of humanity to the rest of the planet through rediscovering wild animals remains his most cherished dream, because from his own experience with them, he is convinced that there lies the solution to our problems.



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