Elegance and nobility



You’re invited to the first edition of Cavallo, an evening full of elegance and nobility, in the likeness of the horse, our night’s emblem. Wine tasting accompanied by exquisite vegan bites prepared by our super chefs: Vianney Godbout, Danny St-Pierre and Jean-Philippe Cyr. But wait, you’ll have to choose a winning chef and if you identify the winner, you’ll get the chance to win a gift certificate at his restaurant. In a velvety atmosphere, with DJ and live performances, we have chosen to hold the event in one of the most exclusive places in the city Le Parloir – Private Cellars. You’ll also be able to put your hands on unique works of art by local artists.

All the profits of the evening will be donated to the Gahalad Refuge, whose mission is to help relocate horses of owners who can no longer bear their costs as well as neglected or abandoned horses. In addition to offering a network of foster homes, the Gahalad Refuge ensures the horses’ safety and well-being through inspections, education and informational activities. The Refuge also intervenes following complaints, proposing solutions to people in dispute,  and denounces insoluble cases to competent authorities.


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