Elegance and nobility


You’re invited to the first edition of Cavallo, an evening full of elegance and nobility, in the likeness of the horse, our night’s emblem. Wine tasting accompanied by exquisite vegan bites prepared by our top chefs: 


the grand winner of Chopped Canada and executive chef of Jellyfish is a young chef who has travelled and cooked around the world that has quickly carved out a place for himself among the Greats of our province. His bites will be served with the Trois Moineaux artisanal wines created and chosen by Louis Dugas and Francis Lorrains, 2 of the 3 ‘’moineaux’’.

De Palma

a colourful chef who knows how to draw crowds with the simplicity of his dishes full of character, was the head of the famous Italian restaurant Inferno, is the director of the reputed Fiorella and owner of the legendary San Simeon café. His small gastronomic pleasures will be accompanied by the choices of sommelier Jordan Thesserault of the Vignôme wine agency.


Perreault Jesserey

chef and co-owner of Le Coup Monté restaurants and formerly at l’Épicier is a passionate cook who wants to promote local products and artisans and who likes to create unifying gastronomic events. Who better than David Francis from DF Wines and VinoQueb to complete his food and wine pairing.

All in collaboration with Gusta Foods and Zoë Olive Oil. But wait, you’ll have to choose a winning chef and if you identify the winner, you’ll get the chance to win a gift certificate to his restaurant ! 

In a velvety atmosphere, with music by DJ Sin and live performances by the magnificent Little Galaxia, circus artist, dancer and model from Buenos Aires,  we have chosen to hold the event in one of the most exclusive places in the city Le Parloir – Private Cellars. You’ll also be able to put your hands on unique works of art by local artists.

All the profits of the evening will be donated to the Gahalad Refuge, whose mission is to help relocate horses of owners who can no longer bear their costs as well as neglected or abandoned horses. In addition to offering a network of foster homes, the Gahalad Refuge ensures the horses’ safety and well-being through inspections, education and informational activities. The Refuge also intervenes following complaints, proposing solutions to people in dispute,  and denounces insoluble cases to competent authorities.


Thank you for participating.

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Jessica Potenza

Self-taught, my tendency to use natural pigments began early in my artistic explorations, when the only paint substitutes available to me were those found on hand at home or on the road while working with horses. These pigments, usually selected to signify either my intentions with each piece or my comings and goings, make the work more personal and meaningful.

Horses have been a major influence throughout my life, and their essence has thus inspired much of my work. There is a symmetry between the silent yet unambiguous equine language and my best effort to articulate minimalist yet powerful and expressive lines. My art means Life to me, both in its exposed foundations and in its radiant peaks. My inspiration is rooted in these moments and their attributed feelings, the ones that last forever in our memories.

Elise Genest

In her studio located in Québec, Elise Genest works her inimitable magic to create awe-inspiring paintings that bring the very essence of her subjects to life. Indeed, each work of art exudes her subjects’ souls. Her paintings feature one or several horses that are highlighted by a contemporary play between shadows and light. 
Elise has a penchant for painting Iberian horses. She draws her endless inspiration from their theatrical personality and expressiveness. She captures the look in their eyes and their distinct personalities and complicity—evoking deep-felt emotions in people who are passionate about horses. 

Photography plays an important part in how Elise creates her paintings. She travels extensively to become inspired by different places and settings. Some of her photographs are masterpieces themselves,
not needing to be revisited with brushstrokes. Others are references for her paintings. Her creative process includes a long period of reflection and research, followed by intense and spontaneous painting sessions. Once she starts to become what she calls “creatively possessed,” her paintings come to life in less than 24 hours.

Carolle Beaudry

“I retain two highlights from my youth: my love for wildlife and my ability to draw. Animal art imposed itself in a very natural way. Although I favor horses as a subject of creation, my artistic path and my curiosity led me to explore many avenues, but the horse remains my most vibrant inspiration. I see him, through my lens, as a noble being and a generous artist whom I meet, perceiving in him the whisper muses, a tantalizing creative magic.”

Joffrey Rivard

I did poetry then, poetry took me towards theatre then towards burlesque. Dance appeared. Dance opened me up to photography, photography to children, children to writing for children and writing for children to illustration. The illustrious watercolor came as well as Sumie style Indian ink. Everything stayed in my suitcases, the poetry is still there and I hope to pass it on to you little by little, step by step with yoda yoga, slashing the light…


Jessica Laberge

A painter living in the Laurentians, Jessica has had a keen interest in the arts and a passion for animals since she was a child.

Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, an event pushed her to launch herself as an artist.

She creates works where she integrates with superposition mainly fauna
the flora and/or the woman.

She transposes in her realization of all her emotions of the moment.

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