Anchor of the TVA Network


Sophie Thibault

freezing the
and in the  research for light

“Freezing the moment, looking for the most beautiful light or catching a bird in flight. Collecting hunting trophies in pixels. Being free to create, to be ecstatic, to communicate through the image. Photography, a moment of joy! ” Since 1988, I have the privilege of practicing the profession of journalist and anchor on the 10 pm TVA network news and at 8 pm on the continuous news channel, LCN.

But I often find myself BEHIND the camera for the happiness of contemplating life differently, its mysteries and its beauties. Creating a space of freedom, reconnecting with nature, calmness, living, harmony. Living my Yang side: the momentum in the light … My approach is instinctive, with concern and respect for nature. The living is my favorite subject.