and impulsive

Niko … A name evocative of colors and passion! Born in Montreal in a family with multiple artistic talents, Niko is a recognized artist. Her works are exhibited in several galleries and are found in Old Montreal, Old Quebec, Florida, Toronto, New York, Colorado, Spain and several other points around the globe. Originally she was in the fashion design industry, which allowed her to travel to California, New York and across Europe. 

She discovered a passion for the arts and painting and has since realized her dream dear … becoming a painter! The energy that Niko draws from meditation and yoga is transposed into a burst of raw colors; sparkling and impulsive. Her subjects are always expressive, complex and sensual … in her image. Niko likes to deconstruct precision with her brushes and explore the many possibilities of the abstract and figurative with her personal vision to expose the vitality and energy that reside in us.