Marilyn Reim

balance between spontaneous expression
and careful decisions

My art is my heart speaking. I wait for magic to fill the air – passion takes over – I am immersed in colour and depth, trying with each brush stroke to define the world.

My subjects are metaphors for my life, celebrating art, our relationships with each other and our connection with ourselves and our world. Some of my subjects are human angels with ordinary mortals leaning on them. At times, it is the harmony of earth, birth and rebirth. Shocked or saddened by some event, I’m motivated to work it out in my art; only then can I let go of it. My paths are populated by groups receding into the distance of the unknown. My women are filled with tenderness and serenity, having in common a great empathy and affinity for one another. Hopefully capturing an intimate moment, a woman stand alone communicating with her heart, as I wish my art touches your spirit.