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Goran Hamsic


modify perceptions

Having lived the horrors of war in Bosnia from 1990-1995, a part of Goran’s work rests on memories and feelings from what he experienced back then; remembering too well the massacres that happened during this war. The images of his compatriots being killed at the marketplace have left a heavy imprint on his memories.

Paintings modify perceptions. The duality of the connection between life and death is often expressed in his work. For Goran, the way to live with it is to express his feelings and memories through art. The quest for beauty based on a compliance with established rules, techniques and themes could not translate the ardor of his creations. His work often features both living and ghostly figures with a dash of abstract that the artist works in by applying different techniques.

Raised $ 5,000

Raised $ 5,000

It is with great pleasure we are announcing that the Bootcamp for the cause organized by Les Belles et les Bêtes yesterday raised $ 5,000 to be donated to the Fondation Les Chiens Togo. Thank you to everyone who organized, sponsored, participated, donated, encouraged, shared and commented. Every gesture makes a difference and nothing would be possible without this wonderful team that we all form together. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and are already thinking about future activities and how to improve them. See you soon and let us know if you want to get involved 🙏🏼❤️🐾

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C’est avec le plus grand bonheur que nous vous annonçons que le Bootcamp pour la cause organisé par Les Belles et les Bêtes hier à collecté 5 000$ qui seront remis à la Fondation Les Chiens Togo. Merci à tout ceux qui ont organisé, commandité, participé, donné, encouragé, partagé et commenté. Chaque geste fait une différence et rien n’est possible sans cette magnifique équipe que nous formons tous ensemble. Nous sommes très fier de ce que nous avons accompli et pensons déjà aux prochaines activités et à comment les améliorer. Au plaisir de se revoir bientôt et faites nous signe si vous désirez vous impliquer 🙏🏼❤️🐾