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As you know, food and beverages are a huge part of the experience. We are fortunate and proud to have partnered with companies and restaurants that offer vegan and local products. We are so proud of the excellent feedback received about them and their generosity because, let’s be honest, without these sponsorships we would never have collected these big amounts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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Food & Beverages 

PIZZERIA MORETTI celebrates what comes naturally, what has roots, what grows. It represents a frame of mind that’s open to new things, new flavors, new friendships. It emphasizes the positive and celebrates what’s essential in a warm, welcoming environment that gets even hotter as the evening unfolds. Experience casual dining built with a passion for the sensual, the sumptuous, the subtly sophisticated.

RéZin is the name of the promotional agency in wine, beer and spirits created by three bottles of wine in 1995. The company was born from the request of certain people to obtain some products of wines selected in France by Jean-Philippe and discovered at parties organized by Éric and animated by Robert.

Our agency distinguishes itself by its small size which allows a very personalized service with the customers, by its specialization in wines only, by a rigorous selection of products at some of the best producers in France, Italy and California, by a highly skilled and specifically qualified team in wine, tableware and marketing. réZin is recognized as an agency offering different products from small estates highlighting the notions of terroir and respect for the vine and its fruits.

After completing a law degree , Guy worked as a lawyer in private practice for several years before he joined forces with his friend JF Tremblay in real estate and co-hosted a 14 episodes  TV show  « Le Chasseur de maisons» ( House hunter») . Guy is also the author of a book on real estate investing and has worked on the creation of several real estate partnerships with investors. 

The Future of Protein® delicious plant-based burgers, sausage, crumbles, strips, and more — made directly from plants. By shifting from animal, to plant-based meat, we can positively and significantly impact 4 growing issues attributed to livestock production and consumption: human health, climate change, natural resource depletion, and animal welfare.

At Beyond Meat, they are making the world a better place and they are starting one delicious meal at a time. Join them and taste The Future of Protein!

Etiquette Noire caters to your company’s unique needs and is able to accommodate small private parties to large corporate events without compromising its trademark, care and attention to detail. Any fantastic event deserves to have polished, professional and conscientious staff who are there to give you peace of mind – and give your guests an indelibly lasting impression.

GUSTA is a producer of artisan vegan food products.  

Located in the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal, we offer delicious, healthy and 100% vegan and natural products made from locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

GURU, Ever since the early days, GURU has always been driven by this idea of crafting the best natural energy drink out there. Founded in Montreal during the summer of 1999 by four college friends, the company marketed the world’s first all-natural energy drink.

The Voie Maltée is a microbrewery and four restaurants in Quebec City, Jonquière, and Chicoutimi, suggesting specialized dishes cooked with beer. It’s also a factory bottling over fifteen different beers. It’s a unique ambiance, distinctive flavors, and premium beers.

Rise Kombucha brew a unique and quality kombucha that literally comes alive in your mouth.We’re happy to share her ecologically-sound and socially-conscious kombucha with you in 7 delicious flavors. 

The new Beach Day Every Day drinks were undoubtedly the most popular of summer 2018, with an incredible amount of cans sold! The first two flavors on the market we’re fruit punch and citrus, and by popular demand, we’re back with a whole new flavor of watermelon.


The Ryu mission and commitment to you is to prepare nutritious, delicious dishes that not only taste great, but feel great to eat, inside and out. Caring about what you eat and enjoying the experience to the fullest is what we call “Eating RYU”. Eating healthy, flavourful food and responsibility for the environment should go hand and hand. What’s best for you can also be what’s best for the planet.


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