Artist Painter


Interior  Designer


Jean Cliff Felix


a spiritual act

The art of Clifford Jean-Félix is sometimes associated with surrealistic impressionism. Esthetically, his works typically display a vibrant luminosity, a wide palette of colors, a full integration of relief and texture effects, and the recurring presence of slender figures with no distinctive feature other than a vaguely human form. These elements combine to create an intense, at times troubling energy – an energy that evolves constantly with each change in lighting or the viewer’s moods. The canvas is not where these works are laid; it is where they come to life.

For Clifford, painting is primarily a spiritual act. Such a kinship is the tangible expression of Clifford’s message: “When people open their hearts, they open themselves to the union of all human races; they accept our primary essence, generous and full of light; they agree to become one with the Universe; and most importantly, they choose to belong to the civilization of the future – the world of the Enlightened.”