Why choose Clicöt?

For starters: we wanted to be different from the thousands of watch companies on the market, which is why we give 20$ of our proceeds to charities that we have carefully selected to ensure that the funds are used for the right reasons. Clicöt’s two most important values are 

1) paying it forward 

2) helping others as best as we possibly can. 

Secondly, we all dream of having a watch for every occasion, every event, every season or even every outfit, unfortunately, budgets or priorities don’t always allow us to do so… until now.

With Clicöt, you will be able to dare with our distinguished and unique colours as we’ve mixed luxury with audacity and innovated but kept the classics.

You’ll be able to wear a watch that will be recognized from afar and will have you impatient to know what we’ll come up with next! 

Owning a Clicöt watch is not just being the owner of another timepiece, it’s being part of a community of givers. 

That being said, welcome to the Clicöt family and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us; one of our team members will be happy to help as quickly as possible.