Boutique Owner


Catherine Auriol



My name is Catherine Auriol and I was born in Montreal in 1965. I went to university because that was what was expected of me and I got a master’s degree in anthropology in 1993. The following year, I discovered working with clay. As if under the influence of a spell, I postulated for the ceramics school and from there, everything moved quickly: one year of training, the making of my personal workshop and the start of production to present my first exhibition in 1997.

After an internship in France to discover other techniques and other worlds of creation, I came back with the conviction that my future workshop had to have a showroom. In 1999, my mother and I bought the quaint Laurier Street building and turned it into a boutique workshop. Over the years, we have changed our looks a thousand times but never our mission: to promote the local hand made ceramic and offer classes to passers-by.